A Non-Fiction Book…
How I Met My
Cosmic True Love and You Can Too!

Helping You Gain Control of Your Love Life

An Empowering Book About True, Cosmic Romance

Welcome to IntergalacticMatch.com.  This website is about Michael Ellegion and Celeste’s new book, by the same title.  This is not just another [Earth] dating site, such as Match.com, E-Harmony, etc.  But, it is about the fact that the whole concept of “Dating and Romance” is truly no longer limited to [just] planet Earth.

If you happen to be one of the many billions of souls who have been looking and searching sincerely, with a “pure, true heart’s desire” to “find/meet/be reconnected” to this very special soul and have been unable to actually—so far—find your “True Love.”  It is time to realize that as is described in an old famous Earth song from decades ago, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”  That yes, most people, have been unable to make this very special “[Cosmic] Love Connection” because of both “[past Earth karmic] circumstances and timing.”

After having attempted through all the many dating sites and services existing here on Earth, to meet your “soul mate”, only to constantly be “disappointed.”  Many then just cynically assumed that this whole concept of there being one’s “Perfect Complement” was only a fictional, fantasy concept, and not part of “reality.”

Book contains over 700 pages, with over a Dozen Full Color Images and Photos

Available in both Kindle and Paperback editions

It is also true, that as is described in Celeste’s and my new book, IntergalacticMatch.com, the consciousness upon planet Earth had to drastically shift, which it has just recently been doing these last few years (in a very “unique” way [“The Great Awakening”]), in order for this [ultimate] “Cosmic Love Connection” to even be possible to take place.  Of the reuniting of all the many millions of Divine Couples, with one of the two souls presently incarnated in Earth embodiment from the more evolved higher dimensional worlds and realms.  While their “Other-Half” and “Cosmic True Love” (also known as their “Twin-Flame”/Twin Soul Mate) have been separated while they have been here fulfilling a “mission.”  To help, as a “Light Worker” anchor more Light here in Preparation for the Planetary Ascension and “First Contact” when our “Cosmic Extended Family” finally makes their presence more officially known to everyone on Earth.

Understanding that a major and important part of the initial beginnings of First Contact, which has often been referred to in numerous “Transmissions”/Channelings from various Higher extraterrestrial sources.  Of “Mentors” working with each of us in this major “Planetary Transition,” is really a “reference” to each of our own “Divine Other Half”, who loves us “Unconditionally”, and yes, also very “Romantically.”

“Unconditional Romantic Divine Love” is what we each experienced with our Cosmic True Love before we Volunteered to take Earth embodiment this final time.  We subconsciously remember this deep inside ourselves, of how wonderfully sublime and fulfilling this was, on all levels of our being, before we took Earth embodiment.  Which is why our relationships here on Earth have been so unfulfilling, and we desire to reconnect with Cosmic True Love.  This was Promised to each of us prior to taking Earth embodiment.  Now, at long last, this Sacred Promise is about to be fulfilled, for every Volunteer/”Star Person” presently incarnated on Earth.

Finally, I wanted to share with everyone a link on the Internet that I felt so attuned to, and received my own powerful confirmation of this, from my own Higher Self, and my Beloved, Celeste, that this is definitely going to be our reality very soon.  Pay particular attention, too, to the Rejuvenation Chamber shown in one of the images; this is very accurate how these awesome “Med Beds” look like, and are actually already here, getting ready to be Officially Introduced to all of humanity, most likely within the next couple years, if not sooner.  God/Goddess Bless you all!

Michael & Celeste

Yes, please click on this link, and be assured of this all occurring:
(“The Best Is Yet To Come”!)