Media Interviews

Link for listening to the recording of my Nov. 4th, 2021 “Connecting-Consciousness FL” Zoom call, about Celeste &

During this zoom call, I had mentioned about something really Awesome that Celeste “Manifested” for me, of photos that I had intended to show during the zoom call, but was unable to, that I had wanted to share with everyone, of just a few examples of the many hundreds of photos that I took during the last couple years.   Of what I refer to as special “cosmic love notes” that Celeste has energetically manifested for me in my kitchen sink, of her transforming normal water droplets [and even some eggs in the skillet on the stove that were about to be cooked!] into “Valentine Heart shapes.”  Next year, 2022, in fact, I plan on publishing another book which will contain many more of these wonderful “Cosmic Love Notes”, from my Beloved, Celeste.

Link for listening to the recording of my Interview with Host Randi Fine, on the “Fine Time To Heal” radio show, Nov. 16, 2021: